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My Mercy will help the consciousnesses imprisoned for centuries in this world; I will bring them all with Me to the Kingdom of Redemption.

Mensaje de Cristo Jesús - Thursday, January 2 of 2014

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“Each stage of the Divine Plan that is fulfilled on this planet with the help of everyone permits the doors to Grace to be kept open.” Mary, Rose of Peace – 01/30/2017

After pouring out blessings upon different regions of the planet, the Virgin Mary has announced that in May of this year She needs to fulfill an important task in Europe again. In this stage of Her sacred mission, the Divine Mother intends to give new spiritual impulses to humanity, awakening and converting many souls as She radiates them by means of the meetings of prayer and of music of the Campaign for Peace.

Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe
Help the Virgin Mary to fulfill Her Plans of Peace!


“I will prepare you for a great task, the most important for the end of times."
Mary, Rose of Peace, January 8 of 2017

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The Pilgrimage for Peace has traveled the planet, carrying the instruction and love of the Divine Messengers to each heart. This journey continues, and the Most Holy Virgin has announced that this year She needs to again be with Her children in Europe.

The Pilgrimage will begin in Portugal, with the cities of Porto, Fátima, and Lisbon. Afterwards it will continue to Athens in Greece, then Rome in Italy, and Madrid, Avila, and Barcelona in Spain. For this, She needs the union and the collaboration of all Her children.

In order for this important aspiration of the Virgin Mary to be fulfilled, we count on your support.

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