History of the Messages of Mary


On the 1st of March of 2015 began a new cycle of daily Apparitions of the Virgin Mary, to accompany humanity in the processes of purification that are lived in the current times.
Every day at noon Mary will descend upon the planet, bringing Her Instruction.  At this time a spiritual and divine assistance for the whole world will be concentrated.
On the 27th of February of 2015, at the end of a private praying session in the prayer room of the Monastery of Divine Hope and Redemption, and in the presence of a few brothers of the Grace Mercy Order, the Virgin Mary appeared to Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón as the “Rose of Peace”.

In the vision that the Divine Mother showed to the visionary, critical situations, which are lived in different parts of the planet were presented.  Among these, one in Africa, where, according to the report of Friar Elías “the angels were obeying a major request of God, manifesting face expressions that reflected concern and even astonishment for what they were seeing on the planet.  Their faces would look back, as if they did not want to see that which was about to happen and they would hid their faces from what they saw of humanity.”

However, moments before the angels threw their rays, the Virgin Mary manifested Herself from the center of a round column of light that was enveloping the Earth.  Right away, the strength and the power of the column of light that emanated from the Immaculate Heart of Mary radiated over the whole planet, the continents and humanity.
The Virgin expressed to Friar Elías Her concern about the current global situation, reason why in Her message for that day She offered “… the last thing that may help you: My Rose of Peace, which is My Immaculate Heart”.

“For this, I will be closer to you again, everyday during a whole year, beginning on the 1st of March of 2015, in the second cycle of the daily messages of Mary, Rose of Peace.  I want to renew and help you because I deeply wish My Words to be listened by all, since those will be My last messages of emergency to humanity.  I will come from Heaven everyday at noon.  In this moment a spiritual and divine help will be concentrated for the whole world.”

In this way, She is offering us the spiritual symbol of Her Conception: the Original Purity with which She was conceived by the Creator.

Visit the section of the Daily Messages of 2015 at: http://www.divinamadre.org/en/mensajes?ano=2015


In November of the year of 2011, while the visionaries were visiting Medjugorge, on the 15th day of November, the Virgin Mary began a cycle of Apparitions to address to humanity Her Daily Messages of Peace which would have the aim of transmitting instructions and prayers for all of Her children in these times. These messages were transmitted to the visionary Friar Elias, a consecrated monk of the Grace Mercy Order.

At the beginning of the transmission of these messages Mary summoned us for the creation of this Portal of Peace for the posting and diffusion of Her messages. And She said:

“Today My Heart blossoms with joy and happiness for the immense amount of prayers addressed to My Immaculate Heart. Rest your beings upon My mantle and allow Me to guide you through the paths of My eternal Peace.
My dears: I come today to announce to you the foundation and the beginning of the communication of My Messages of Peace to the world.
I wish to tell you, My little ones, that we are today in the Heart of Christ, reverencing this good news that I announce to you to dialogue with you through the daily manifestation of My messages of light and of peace for all of the souls wherever they may be.
For this collect the fruit that I am giving to your hearts and daily carry My words to action in life, in service, in charity, in love, in peace and in the rescue of all of My dear little children.
These messages will be for all, without exception, because I want to be able to pour My final Graces upon the awake hearts and upon the ones that are asleep.
I want for you to rejoice your hearts for the times that will come.
This portal will be a meeting point with Me and it will transmit My Marian Voice to all of the hearts.
This will be a space donated to the Divine Plan where My Heart will work for peace in the world.”

A year later, on the 15th day of November of 2012, the Most Holy Mary announced that this cycle of daily Apparitions was coming to an end and that a new cycle was beginning, this time of weekly Apparitions.


On the 15th day of November of 2012, in the Marian Center of Aurora, the Divine Mother announced a cycle of weekly Apparitions to give messages to humanity.

On this day She told us that these Weekly Messages would be communicated on Saturdays, in an Apparition to Her visionaries Friar Elías and Sister Lucía.

These Apparitions were public and they were announced through the Voice and Echo of the Divine Mother. They were not transmitted on the internet but they were recorded and after posted on the website.


On the 13th day of November of 2012, in the Marian Center of Aurora, the Divine Mother, in Her monthly Apparition, announced that the Father was permitting the transmission of Her messages to one more daughter who was going to share the task of the Apparitions with Friar Elias as a visionary and a clairaudient.

Thus it was, two days later, in the Apparition of the 15th day of November, Sister Lucía, a consecrated monk of the Grace Mercy Order, was called by the Divine Mother to begin together with Her this new task.


On the 10th day of January of 2013, in the Marian Center of Aurora, while Mother Shimani and Friar Elías were praying, the Virgin Mary presented Herself to announce the beginning of the transmission of Her messages to one more soul, to a consciousness who would accompany Her in this task and who would be the third pillar for the diffusion of Her Message.

From this date on Mother Shimani, a consecrated monk, instructor and member of the Permanent Council of Guidance of the Grace Mercy Order, began to receive messages from the Divine Mother, in private on the days Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and publically on Saturdays together with the visionaries Friar Elias and Sister Lucía.

To read the transcription of the special Apparition of the 10th day of January of 2013, click here.



In the weekly message transmitted the 2th of November of 2013 in the Marian Center of Figueira, the Most Holy Virgin Mary, announced the beginning of a new cicle of instruction and guidance through Her Messages.

From December, Her Messages will be received monthly, the third saturday of each month. This cicle will last one year, until december of 2014, and during 2015 Our Mother will continue accompany with Her Apparitions once a month.

The Apparitions will continue to be public and open to all the pilgrims that want to share this encounters of Peace with Mary. They will not be transmitted on the internet, but they will be taped and then published on the web site.

History of the Messages of Christ Jesus

On January 4th 2013, during the Open Communion in the House of Redemption (Casa Redención), Aurora, Frey Elías had an important experience with Christ Jesus in which He announced the beginning of His transmission of daily messages.

Following is the report of the experience lived by Friar Elias.

The whole group present in the House of Redemption (Casa Redención) gathered at 7 p.m. for the inaugural listening of the Mary CD that will be published soon, and to watch some videos of Apparitions photos, and to have the weekly Open Communion.

When the Communion work began it was felt that the energy was very high.

Fray Elías: When the chant “Return” was sang, I saw that a circular portal with much white and blue light had opened at the top of the room where we were. This portal came from the Universe, from a very distant place; at this moment we couldn´t understand well what was happening.

So I tried to keep myself connected with the communion ceremony, attempting to pay a lot of attention in order to discern what was happening. I felt that something was getting closer and closer, embracing the whole space where the communion ceremony was taking place.

Then I felt a group of twelve strong angels that entered the room through the portal and placed themselves among the people while we carried on singing.

At a certain moment, in a place where the Communion and the Merciful Christ picture were, I saw in other planes two lambs grazing peacefully. They were newborn lambs. Then I saw the image of the Master, of the Christ, as the Sacred Heart, but I thought it was just an image. Suddenly the angels went up and placed themselves outside of the room, before the portal, and through this portal a lot of energy from the Cosmos started to come down.

The light that descended, gave life to the Master’s image and He started to walk among the people. He moved in an inexplicable way, His feet did not touch the soil. He was barefoot, His clothes were white and His face was totally illuminated. When he got closer I felt an inner movement that I could not control and I started to cry, His image was strong and sharp. Then a great relief arose, because I felt the energies of Forgiveness and Mercy.

On the chair in front of me, was siting Mother Shimani. As the Master got closer He placed Himself in front of her and putting one of His hands over his own chest, he leaned the other hand on the Mother´s shoulder. At this instant a movement of many colors was generated inside her, as if it was a small universe that was starting to be activated.

Afterwards He started to talk and He said that He had come thanks to the Grace of the Father, for the faith, the trust and the perseverance that we have had for Him. He also said that tomorrow, January 5th 2013, at 7 p.m., at the House of Adoration He would give a message to all of us. And thanks to this Grace that God has conceded Him and to this faith that we have had in Him, He will give us a message every day for some time. He said it would continue until January 4th 2014.

This first message will be public, and the others will be through an individual exercise that will be done at 3 p.m. every day. He will transmit a little message that Friar Elías will write down and which will be united to His Divine Mother Work.

After saying this he got even closer for an instant and put His hand over my chest. I felt something very strong, something that I cannot explain. I felt the energy of elevation, and even more intensely, I felt the energies of Forgiveness and of Mercy.

When we consecrated the Communion, each time that a brother or a sister would take communion, He would repeat the following prayer:

Eat My Body,
Drink My Blood,
And enter My Peace.
Enter My Mercy,
Because My Fount is inexhaustible.


Finally, once the Communion Ceremony ended and before leaving, Christ took the hand he had over His chest, and then I saw a river, a celestial fount that poured all over the place that did not stop, that emanated, emanated, emanated…a celestial turquoise light that came out of His Heart.

Then He arose and disappeared.


To watch the video of the Apparition of the first Daily Message of the Christ Jesus, click here.

History of the Messages of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph, the father of Jesus, has inspired us for many years elevating our aspirations towards service, charity and experience of living a sacred life.

In all of these years of Apparitions he has on many occasions accompanied with His presence, the sweet words of Our Mother Mary.

In August of 2012 He approached a little more and started by Himself to entrust us with some tasks. By February of 2013 His approach was even greater when, accompanying the Holy Virgin, He publicly directed to us some words and announced a special and extraordinary Apparition of His Most Chaste Heart in March of the same year. Anxiously and with devotion we waited for this Apparition in which a great number of devotees were gathered to receive, with the heart the loving and paternal instructions of the Faithful servant of the Most High Father.

We remember in the following what has happened since Saint Joseph started to accompany us and how it has been to walk under His guidance:

  • On the 25th of August of 2012 during the Apparition of the Divine Mother at the Hill of the Redeemer Christ, Carmo da Cachoeira, Brazil, by surprise Saint Joseph approached. He asked Friar Elias to transmit to those present a special request of His Chaste Heart: He entrusted us the task of realizing, during the following six months, a work of prayer dedicated to the devotion to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, to especially collaborate in the salvation of the souls, the spirits and the essences of those brothers and sisters of ours who live in the refugee camps spread throughout the world, especially in Africa.
  • Soon after, on the 5th of February of 2013, during the Prayer Vigil at the Marian Center of Aurora, while we were preparing ourselves in prayer to receive the Divine Mother, Saint Joseph manifested Himself and, for the first time, made direct contact with those who were present, directing us His words and giving to us luminous instructions of love.
  • On the 26th of February of 2013, in the city of Salta, Argentina, at the beginning of the Apparition of the Holiest Virgin Saint Joseph appeared unexpectedly. He came to renovate His request of prayer made six months before and to invite us to be together with Him in His Apparition on the 19th of March, a day in which His presence in the whole world is celebrated.
  • On the 19th of March of 2013, during His Apparition at the Marian Center of Figueira, Carmo da Cachoeira, Brazil, Saint Joseph said that for a year, on the 19th days of each month, He would transmit a message to the visionary Sister Lucía and, occasionally, whenever it was necessary, He would transmit a special message to Mother Shimani. That month by month, with each message He would give an impulse for those beings who wish to consecrated themselves, to those who wish to live the archetype of the Sacred Family for a new humanity, so that they might find in each message a step by step guidance for how to achieve this archetype. That if we aspired with the heart and if we trusted in His words He would impel us to take these steps.


Together with the Virgin Mary, Our Divine Mother, Saint Joseph has led us to discover the missionary spirit that exists inside of each being and that has oriented us in a direct way to organize Humanitarian Missions that can take the essence of charity and of prayer to those who suffer the most. By Their request, missions to India/ Nepal, Ethiopia and Kenya have already been realized by voluntary missionaries who are willing and who prepare themselves to help, in any sort of conditions, those who are most in need.
Here we leave to you some of His words and instructions transmitted by Saint Joseph on the 19th of March and on the 19th of April of 2013.


Friar Elias: Saint Joseph says:

I want to ask that you renovate yourselves through My Chaste Heart to begin a new mission that will be supported by all of your brothers and sisters in prayers, pledges and devotion.

I want that you accept Me as your spiritual father, so that your hearts may be able to recognize, in My paternal presence, a company that may help you to walk through this new way of living and loving which will be the basis of the new humanity.

I want that you open your hearts and allow Me, from the Christic love that I learned with My Son Jesus, to accompany and guide the steps of your spirits so that My instruction of the Heart may impregnate your consciousnesses […] and, in this way, may help you to encounter your own strength of a server, that which is found in faith because there you will find the Mercy of Jesus and you will convert yourselves into faithful transmitters of His message by means of charity.

This is one of the reasons for My presence amongst you in this time. That, through My consciousness, you may  awaken to the true life; to the life of humility, chastity and simplicity; to the life of the day by day consecration in each daily action, awakening the sacred in all that does not seem to be so.


To see the Apparition of the 25th day of August of 2012, click here.

To download the prayer work requested by the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, click here

Forms of the Messages

Daily Messages:
Messages transmitted daily to the visionary Friar Elias privately.
They began being transmitted by the Divine Mother with the first cycle from the 15th of November of 2011 to the 15th of November of 2012.
Currently, since the 5th day of January of 2013, Christ Jesus has been transmitting daily messages and announced that He was going to do it for a year.

Weekly Messages:
On the 15th of November of 2012 the Divine Mother announced to us that by means of a Greater Will a cycle of Weekly Messages would begin, those that would be given every Saturday. These messages would be transmitted to the visionaries Friar Elias, Sister Lucia and Mother Shimani.
In the message of the 2nd of November of 2013 the Most Holy Virgin Mary announced that the cycle of weekly messages would be concluded on the 15th of November, the date of accomplish in gone year of the weekly messages. Then in the month of December will be opened a new cycle of messages, this time monthly.
The majority of the Weekly Messages, which are open to public and without live transmission,have been recorded and posted on the webpage.

Monthly Messages:

Messages of Mary
From the 21st of December of 2013 our Mother will begin a new cycle of instruction by means of the Monthly Messages.
These messages will be received on the third Saturday of each month. They will be open to public without live transmission. Afterwards they will be recorded and published on the webpage.

Messages of Saint Joseph
The visionary Sister Lucia has been receiving messages of Saint Joseph every 19th day of each month since March of 2013. Occasionally Mother Shimani and Friar Elias also receive messages from Him.
Together with the Monthly Message of Saint Joseph occur the “Meetings with the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph”, a program transmitted by Mercy Mary TV for the whole world.

Message for the Apparition:
During the morning of each day of Apparition, the Divine Mother gives a message to the visionaries Friar Elias and Sister Lucía to be read in the preparation for Her Apparition

Message of the Apparition:
These are the messages transmitted at the moment of the public Apparition and they are placed on the page under the title Transcriptions of the Apparitions.

Special Message:
These are messages that are transmitted intermittently, depending on a special situation or circumstance, to any of the visionaries, together or individually.